Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tiga Tahap Perang Dunia Ke-3

Seorang hamba-Nya, Maurice Sklar menyampaikan sebuah pengajaran mengenai kronologi bagaimana Israel dan bangsa-bangsa dunia terlibat dalam Perang Dunia ke-3, berikut cuplikan pengajarannya dalam bahasa Inggris:

The Future of the Middle East Nations in Bible Future of the Middle East Nations in Bible Prophecy

There are three wars that will soon take place in the Middle East.  Each one is progressive and becomes larger in scope, until the entire world and every nation participates in the last battle:
The first war involves the Arab nations immediately surrounding the nation of Israel.  The Bible seems to indicate that these nations will be destroyed with weapons of mass destruction.  This will involve the judgment of God against militant Islam directly surrounding Israel, which is referred to as the house of Esau in several places.  According to the Bible, the nations directly surrounding Israel will be destroyed in such a way that they are uninhabitable.  This war will result in an impassible ring of destroyed countries to the south and east of Israel.  The nations destroyed are:  Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, and part of Saudi Arabia.  These areas of land will become totally impassible because of the use of nuclear weapons and/or biological and chemical weapons.  The soil of these regions becomes so poisoned that nothing can live or grow there.  The area of ancient Idumea (Edom) will be on fire like Kuwait was in the Gulf War of 1991.

The second war is described in detail in Ezekiel chapters 38-39 primarily, although there are other passages that refer to it also.  In Ezekiel chapters 36-37, he foretells the rebirth of the nation of Israel.  Then, before the Kingdom Age, when the Messiah Yeshua will reign in His magnificent temple in Jerusalem, this horrific battle is predicted in much detail.  This was written 2,600 years ago.  Ezekiel lists a confederacy of nations, which include Turkey, Iran, Libya, Ethiopia, parts of Eastern Europe, and other unnamed nations.  Something strange appears immediately when you look this list.  The prophet fails to mention the nations directly bordering Israel!  These countries are Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, “Palestine” (not really a nation), and Syria.  The reason these nations are not mentioned is that they were all destroyed in the first war.  The remaining nations invade Israel from the only possible way in this war:  from the north.  The destruction from this war is much greater in scope than the first.  The destruction of the countries of the first war may be one reason for this second battle.  Most likely, it is retaliation for it against Israel.  Ezekiel identifies Russia as the chief antagonist against Israel in this war.  Russia has a long history of hating and persecuting the Jewish people.  With the pogroms starting in 1881, untold numbers of Jews died at the hands of the Russians.  Russian Jews were the first to return to Israel in the 1880’s, leaving because of this horrible persecution.

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